For the Horde

Discovered Locations and Events (Unresolved)

Area for Unresolved Events

The Unicorn of Greenwood Forest

Our band of adventurers met a unicorn in the forest while they were hunting for pelts. Marv quickly offended the unicorn and was gored. The Unicorn healed Marv with a warning to leave the forest immediately. While leaving the party was attacked by a pair of hell hounds. The unicorn was grateful for the help slaying the unholy beasts and healed ghost. The party left greenwood forest with an uneasy truce.

The Flayed Giant

While travelling East across the edge of a vast expanse of mountains. The band of fledgling raiders came across the carcass of a giant. The giant was being picked apart by vultures and must have stood at least 20 feet tall. The giant’s bronze breastplate was torn open and his entrails ripped. His great sword was thrust into the ground left as a monument to the defeated titan

The Drowned Statues

The party traveled to a pair of lakes in the East of the hold of Jacia. The lakes were pristine and frozen over. The lakes had a strange aura about them. They seem almost unnaturally clear. The sunlight seemed to penetrate right through the ice and water as if it wasn’t even there. At the bottom of each lake were two statues of women buried up to their torsos in sand. One had an air of elegance and kindness, the other seemed cruel and sadistic. Both statues were covered in runes. The party attempted to raise one of the statues to no success. They left this mystery for another day. The ice already filling in as they walked away…

The Oni Coin

As the party trekked north towards Port Bryne, Ghost found a curious coin stamped with what looked like an Oni Mask. Marv recognized that this coin was not the local currency. They pocketed the coin and continued onto Port Bryne. Perhaps someone their would have answers…

The Frontier Town

On their way to Port Bryne, The party came across a frontier town at the foot of a mountain. They approached the town and were met by the Sheriff and the town guard. Tension was high and Marv couldn’t keep his mouth shut. This led to a standoff. Eventually the group decided to surrender to the Sheriff. The party was jailed, questions then sent on their way. It seems the Sheriff claimed the town had a treaty with Arkus and has provided him with weapons in the past.

Port Bryne

The party heard that there is a vender of rare and valuable maps located in Port Bryne. Perhaps they would be able to procure some maps to lead them to adventure and wealth.


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